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Hendra: why not just go ahead and vaccinate?

Christine King  BVSc, MANZCVS (equine), MVetClinStud

Table of Contents

Summary (key points)



   the virus

   the 'vector' (flying foxes)

   the vaccine

   vaccination status


   the vaccine

   experimental study

   vaccine field study

   vaccination status

HeV antibody testing

Letter to the Editor (AVJ)

Final thoughts

Benefits: vaccination status

This one is short and sweet. The benefit to getting and keeping your horse vaccinated against HeV is that you won't run into the problem of vets refusing to come out, or equine hospitals refusing entry, just because your horse isn't currently vaccinated against HeV according to Zoetis.

Along the same lines, you won't be refused entry to equestrian facilities and events just on the basis of your horse's HeV vaccination status.

Only you can decide on the weight to give this particular benefit.

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