Articles by Dr King

Here are some of my past and current publications on animal health, written for owners, trainers, farm/stable managers, and other caretakers. Like me, it's a rather ecclectic mix. I'll be adding to it as time permits, so please ask if there's a particular topic you'd like me to cover.

You are welcome to download, print, and share any of these articles with your friends and family. But if you want to publish them in any way, such as in a newsletter, a magazine, or online, please contact me for article permission, as I have a couple of conditions. (BTW, many of these articles were written for American horse magazines, so please forgive the American spelling... It's a travesty, I know; in time I'll revise them to correct the spelling.)


Precautions against ivermectin horse paste to prevent or treat COVID-19 in people

Breeding decisions

"To breed or not to breed" — making responsible breeding decisions

Care of the riding horse

Training the young horse — balancing short-term gains and long-range goals

Care of the horse's back

Saddle fit basics — fit and placement from the horse's perspective

Horse management

Faecal egg counts — why do FECs?

Forage analysis — why test your hay and pasture?

Don't guess; test! — results of my pasture mineral analysis

Beware of cereal hays and chaffs — be careful with oaten, wheaten and barley hay/chaff

'Through the looking-glass' — a bug's-eye view of the equine gut and what it can tell us about feeding horses [book in process]

Hendra: why not just go ahead and vaccinate?

Hendra antibody tests — guidelines for vets, farm managers, and event organisers [slide show]

Ivermectin and the Hendra virus — lessons from COVID-19

Making do — keeping horses healthy in an imperfect environment

The Tao of hoof care — thoughts on the shoes vs. barefoot debate


What does "wellness" mean?

Integrative veterinary care — the best of both worlds

'White crows' — studying health to understand disease

Why do we get sick in the winter months?

Thoughts on equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1)

Why do horses eat dirt?

Preventing colic in horses [PDF] This 1999 book is currently out of print but the full text is available here.

Adaptogens and EGUS (equine gastric ulcer syndrome)

Equine Cushing's disease and belonging

Other topics

Adaptogens and the working dog — on performance, injury, and career longevity

Adaptogens and the senior dog — on optimizing health and longevity

Humanosis: keeping therapy dogs safe at work [slide show]

Case report: Fresh comfrey leaf dressing for an open fracture in a goat kid [slide show]

Case study: complex trace mineral deficiency in a herd of goats [slide show]

The highly sensitive dog

Stories: Miss Lilly plays fetch

Stories: Miss Lilly takes her time

Stories: quantum entanglement in the shower

Pollyanna and the art of seeing the whole picture

"I like animals better than people"