My consulting services include the following areas:

Feeding healthy animals

  • selecting and refining species-appropriate diets
  • feeding for specific needs (life stage, activity, age, breed, etc.)
  • feeding for longer healthspan (how long we remain healthy, not just how long we live)
  • forage testing for pasture and hay
  • pasture management for optimal nutrition and parasite control
  • supplements, why they're needed, and when they're not

Clinical nutrition: eating our way to better health

  • using food and feeding to better manage medical problems
  • how food affects behaviour
  • how food affects athletic performance
  • how food affects fertility
  • how food affects growth
  • herbs as food and medicine
  • probiotics, the four 'w's (whether, when, what, and why)

Human-animal connection

  • exploring the spiritual aspect of physical or behaviour disorder
  • enhancing the bonds we share with our animals, for our mutual benefit
  • improving communication with our animals
  • the (not always obvious) gifts of the 'highly sensitive' individual



Consultations and fees

Consultations are by appointment only

  • please email to schedule a mutually agreeable time
  • whenever possible, consultations are conducted by phone or video conference (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.)
  • I do make in-person visits (farm, barn, home, intermediate location) when necessary
  • I do not offer first consultations via email, but I do offer follow-up consultations via phone, text, and email, all billed at my standard rate

Fee: $200/hour

  • first consultations for single animals typically take 1 to 2 hours ($200–$400)
  • first consultations for herds, multi-species families, or complex medical problems typically take 2 to 3 hours ($400–$600), sometimes longer (although by that point we're usually all spent and need to stop)
  • the trip charge for in-person visits depends on the location, travel time, and time of day; please email for an estimate
  • for distant clients needing an in-person visit, I have a day rate of $1,500, which covers the trip charge (travel time) and consultation fees up to 8 hours total
  • subsequent consultations are generally much shorter, and are billed accordingly
  • forage testing and any nutritional supplements or herbs are additional
  • payment may be made by cash, direct deposit, or PayPal (Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx)