Publications in Human Medicine

Below is a list of my four peer-reviewed publications in human medicine. All were written for Research in Real-Life, a contract research organisation in Cambridge UK that focuses on respiratory medicine. The full-text articles can be accessed via the notation in this link colour at the end.

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Clinical research papers

Price D, Small I, Haughney J, Ryan D, Gruffydd-Jones K, Lavorini F, Harris T, Burden A, Brockman J, King C, Papi A. Clinical and cost effectiveness of switching asthma patients from fluticasone-salmeterol to extra-fine particle beclometasone-formoterol: a retrospective matched observational study of real-world patients. Primary Care Respiratory Journal 2013; 22(4): 439–448. [medical writer] full text

Price D, Thomas V, von Ziegenweidt J, Gould S, Hutton C, King C. Switching patients from other inhaled corticosteroid devices to the Easyhaler®: historical, matched-cohort study of real-life asthma patients. Journal of Asthma and Allergy 2014; 7: 31–51. [medical writer] full text

Price D, Kaplan A, Jones R, Freeman D, Burden A, Gould S, von Ziegenweidt J, Ali M, King C, Thomas M. Long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) use in adults with asthma: real-life prescribing and outcomes of add-on therapy with tiotropium bromide. Journal of Asthma and Allergy 2015; 8:1–13. [medical writer] full text

Price D, Wilson A, Chisholm, A, Rigazio A, Burden A, Thomas M, King C. Predicting frequent asthma exacerbations using blood eosinophil count and other patient data routinely available in clinical practice. Journal of Asthma and Allergy 2016; 9: 1–12. [medical writer] full text